Things you Should not of After a Car Accident in Virginia

Marcus Blanford

Car accidents have become a common occurrence. In Virginia, if a person gets seriously injured due to someone else’s carelessness, they should consult Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer and safeguard their legal rights. However, not all are aware of what they should or should not do after getting into a car accident. In this article, we have listed down a few mistakes that you should avoid if you are a victim of a car injury.

#1: Not getting medical treatment

The first thing anyone should do after an accident is to get a complete medical evaluation. You should make it a priority to get all your injuries and health checked immediately. Often, people don’t feel pain soon after an accident even when they have sustained severe injuries. The reason behind this that not all injuries manifest signs immediately. The sudden impact of the accident can cause life-threatening injuries to your internal organs. Brain injury is one of the most common types of injuries that don’t manifest outward signs and go unnoticed. Thus, even if you experience a mild concussion or traumatic brain injury, you must get a full-body evaluation from a certified health professional.

#2: Talking With the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

After the car crash, you will be required to report the case to your insurance company. In case the accident involves another driver, the driver’s insurance company may contact you. Virginia Beach personal injury attorney suggests avoiding any talks with the driver’s insurance company if you have sustained serious injuries.

At-fault driver’s insurance adjusters’ work is to settle the case with a small compensation. Skilled professionals know how to manipulate the injured victims and make them say things that may weaken their claim. They are also trained at convincing the victims to drop the case and settle for less. In case you have sustained life-threatening injuries, it’s best to speak to a professional lawyer to safeguard your interest.

 #3: Trying to Settle Your Own Claim

Most people think that if they settle the accident case outside the court, they can save money on lawyer fees and other charges. However, it’s far from the truth. In case you are dealing with at-fault insurance adjusters, remember that they work in favor of their insurance company and will try to minimize the payout at all costs. The chances of you not getting fair settle is higher in such a condition.

Your best chance at recovering complete compensation is by letting an experienced personal injury attorney handle your case. Moreover, most lawyers don’t charge for initial consultation.

#4: Posting on Social Media 

Nowadays, it’s common for people to post all their life updates on social media. If you too keep your social media wall updated with everything that happens in your life, avoid posting about your accident. Doing so can undermine your case and legal claims that you are making. At-fault driver’s attorney may blame you for the accident.

Everyone involved in the car accident, including the insurance company look into social media posts for evidence related to accidents. So, don’t put anything online if you have any legal claim pending.

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