Things to know about DWIs in New York

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Things to know about DWIs in New York

Facing DWI charges can be a stressful experience. No matter whether this is your first DWI arrest or your third, you have to know your rights. Also, it is important to call a criminal attorney as soon as possible. Laws related to DWI in New York are among the most complicated, and a known law firm, such as King Law, can help in dealing with your circumstances better. In this post, we are sharing more on things to know about DWI in New York. 

  1. Refusing a breathalyzer test is not okay. While it’s true that there will be no evidence if you don’t take a breathalyzer test in the first place, this could be detrimental to your case. However, the police officer arresting you can make a statement about your action, and that can be considered sufficient evidence for your conviction. 
  2. You can be charged with DWI even when you are under influence of medications prescribed by a doctor. Yes, that’s true. As per New York State laws, you cannot drive when you are impaired by some drug, and it doesn’t matter whether you were taking cannabis or prescription medication. Driving under influence of any substance is illegal and can lead to your arrest. 
  3. Even someone with no history of drug abuse or alcohol use can face serious consequences after being charged with DWI. Many people falsely assume that if they have a clean record, they don’t have to deal with grave penalties, which is untrue. The circumstances of your case and evidence presented will matter over everything else. 
  4. You definitely need a DWI defense lawyer. Don’t be foolish to assume that any lawyer can help you with dealing with DWI charges. You need someone who specializes in DWI defense, and in such cases, you actually get the expertise that you pay for. Don’t step back from hiring a skilled attorney, even if that means paying a tad more. 
  5. There is no expungement in NY. If you are charged with DWI and eventually convicted, the charge will remain on your records forever. No wonder, people are so concerned about DWI conviction.

Call a DWI defense lawyer

You need to talk to a reliable DWI defense lawyer as soon as you can, following your arrest. Make sure that you select an attorney who is experienced with cases comparable to yours, and let them know if you are seriously at fault. Your lawyer will decide on your defense strategy accordingly.

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