Reasons Why Birth Injuries Occur Owing to Medical Malpractice

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Reasons Why Birth Injuries Occur Owing to Medical Malpractice

In the United States, a birth injury takes place in seven out of every thousand live births approximately. Primarily because of the utter negligence of doctors responsible for carrying out the birthing process, a child may sustain a birth injury. Many newborn babies experience certain severe medical injuries due to the delivery team’s mistakes that make them permanently disabled.

Many parents file a lawsuit against health professionals when they learn that their children have to endure pain and suffering for a lifetime, because of medical negligence. Some birth injuries make a child disabled permanently. Do not delay taking a legal step if your child sustains an injury that an alert delivery team could have easily prevented.

A professional medical malpractice lawyer files a lawsuit on a client’s behalf. One such legal professional will also help you identify the actual fault of the team of physicians liable for causing injuries and agony. The potential of driving fair compensation will increase when an experienced birth injury attorney handles your case.

Here’s why birth injuries happen due to mistakes that medical professionals commit.

Do Not Respond to Fetus Distress at Once

One of the prime causes of birth injuries owing to medical malpractice is doctors staying away from responding to fetus distress quickly. A medical team’s prime responsibility is to conduct continuous monitoring of the fetus to detect pain at once. Doctors are responsible for reacting right away if they identify any signs that the baby is experiencing difficulty.

The baby’s health gets affected significantly if the delivery team takes a longer time to react and do the requisite. Aside from oxygen deprivation, several other factors impact the well-being of a child. Most parents contact a proficient attorney if their children are born with a severe brain injury or damage.

Delay Conducting Cesarean Delivery 

In order to avoid harming the baby and mother, doctors deliver a fetus either by C-section or cesarean many a time. Unless the assigned medical delivery team monitors the fetus continually during the labor, it is not easy to understand whether it’s in distress.

The fetus doesn’t receive the required amount of oxygen when the team of medical professionals delays performing a cesarean delivery. Such negligence causes brain injuries and even death of the baby sometimes. A competent birth injury attorney can prove one such liability of a medical team successfully.

Use a Vacuum Extractor or Forceps Improperly

The medical delivery team often resorts to using a vacuum extractor or forceps to safely remove the baby from the birth canal. Those who carry out such activity require undertaking proper training beforehand. A child may suffer brain hemorrhage if anyone in the medical team uses these medical tools without knowing the correct method. Brain and head injuries that occur due to such carelessness can cause long-term health effects.


To make healthcare professionals realize the mistakes they do, sue them if they are responsible for causing a birth injury to your child and obtain compensation, hire a professional birth injury lawyer. Such a legal professional can unearth substantial evidence that substantiates the faults a medical delivery team commits.

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