How to gain organic growth to your Instagram account

Marcus Blanford

If you are around 20 years old or less I am pretty sure that you cannot imagine your life without all of the new technologies – internet, PC, mobile phones,etc.Moreover the total influence of social media platforms has invaded our lives strongly. Now everyone has his own space for sharing his life with family and friends  in the form of a social network page on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social platforms. Have you ever thought of what would happen if one day you wake up and all social networks have vanished? There would be a hysteria ,don’t you think so? Well, do not worry , it is not likely to happen soon anyways ,but we should think deeply about our addiction to social platforms.

On the other hand social platforms like Instagram can actually bring many advantages to you. For example you can easily connect to people from all points of the world , you can share all your precious and special moments with your friends,family and the rest of the world. In fact you can have video connection to everyone, no matter where they are located just for free. And one of the best advantages you can take from the usage of the social platform Instagram is the opportunity to earn money from it.

The last few years there is a huge presence of millions of brands’ accounts on Instagram. Brands realized that the applications provide them many opportunities that can help improve their business and increase their sales. It is no longer a secret that the best commercial these days is collaboration with people called influencers.Influencers are people that have a huge number of followers ,a loyal and engaged audience and they have influence over their public. Although many of them are actually buying affordable followers on Instagram, brands still find great benefits working with these people.

These days there are many people whose desire is to become successful influencers.However it is not such an easy mission to achieve. First you need to gain and establish a loyal audience that is strongly engaged with your content. To make it easier for you , we are going to check some methods that can help you to gain many new followers and keep them engaged with your content ,resulting in organic growth of your Instagram account.

  • Put the correct hashtags to your publications and Instagram stories. When you publish a picture or video or even an Instagram story , you should definitely put hashtags on them. Every hashtag is an opportunity for you to be discovered by new people.However you should make sure that the hashtag is related to your content. For example if you are promoting a beauty product, you should use hashtags related to beauty branches.
  • Build a relationship with your audience. It is really important to be connected with your followers and their needs. You can build a relationship with your followers by making live videos where they can directly ask you questions or just have a chat with you. It would make them feel more close to you and they will trust you. Reply to DMs and comments and listen to your feedback. Change something on your Instagram account if it is necessary in order to satisfy your audience.
  • Use the right words on your “bio section” or provide a URL to your website in this section. The “bio section” is a section that appears just under your profile picture at the top of your Instagram profile.So if you have a website , you can put the URL to the website onto the bio section in order to gain more likes. Also if you are a blogger, musician ,artist , model or anything else you can put this information onto the bio section as well.

In this article we managed to check just a few methods that can be very useful for gaining new followers and increase your audience. If you want to learn many more , stay tuned and be one step ahead of others.

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