Five Commercial Disputes that a Commercial Litigation Attorney Can Handle

Engaging in commercial litigation in New York can be overwhelming if you don’t have sufficient resources. Commercial litigation covers a range of business and workplace disputes and issues. Any business will want to avoid this kind of litigation as much as possible because of its negative effect on the business and individual livelihood. To avoid commercial disputes, you must embrace conflict resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration. The following are commercial disputes that an experienced commercial litigation attorney can tackle:

Contract Disputes

A contract is a legal agreement between two parties and any breach of one can provide legal grounds for a lawsuit. When a contact is made, an obligation to do or not do some things is also made. If a party does not adhere to the terms of the contract’s agreements, the other has the right to seek compensation. Contract disputes can include failure of a supplier to deliver a company the goods agreed upon and employment disputes over terms of their recruitment contracts.

Fraud and Deceptive Practices

This type of commercial dispute can happen if a business fails to be completely honest in representing its products or services while conducting business. Also, there can be a misuse of intellectual property. When a trade secret is revealed to possibly harm a business, this dispute also applies. Moreover, a leak of business information that is deemed valuable to competitors is a breach of confidentiality.

Employer-Employee Disputes

Disputes such as overtime, discrimination, or health issues can lead to business legal battles. A business can file a lawsuit against an employee who quits and goes to work for a competitor when they signed something that prohibited them from doing so.

Corporate Disputes

Common corporate litigation can include challenging mergers, acquisitions, and financing arrangements. Although these issues focus on the bigger moves of the business, personal workplace conflict can occur and transform into corporate disputes. For example, a company shareholder may bring a suit alleging that directors or officers of the company had a conflict of interest while making a transaction that harmed the company.

Regulation Issues

If a company fails to follow the regulation of its industry, it may face civil or criminal sanctions. A lot of regularity practice are lawyers concentrate on one specific industry like the environmental or energy industry.

Commercial disputes are always complicated. If you face a commercial dispute, you must find a commercial litigation attorney to help settle the issue before it becomes more complex or costly.

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