Common Forklift Accidents in New York City

Marcus Blanford

Common Forklift Accidents in New York City

Powered industrial trucks, more popularly known as forklifts, do a lot of heavy lifting and moving tasks in many NYC workplaces and constructions sites. When operating or working near forklifts, things could go wrong without the proper precautions, and those who get hurt in a forklift accident usually end up suffering serious injuries.

In most cases, employer and worker negligence could contribute or directly cause injuries arising from forklift accidents. Here are common forklift accidents to watch out for:

Forklifts Tipping Over

This typically happens when the load is being hauled too high or is too heavy. Keep in mind that the truck’s center of gravity also moves when it’s carrying a load. This is why forklift operators must ensure that the load is always low to the ground and steer the truck in reverse when something’s obstructing their line of sight.

Pedestrian vs. Forklift Crash

These accidents are usually caused by distracted forklift operators who don’t pay attention when exiting or entering a trailer or crossing intersections. They must ensure that their presence is known when they approach obstructed intersections to give pedestrians sufficient time to react. Take note that retail establishments and warehouses usually find it more difficult to maintain pedestrian safety than other workplaces.

Falling Objects

There are various ways that these accidents could occur, including cargo falling off a forklift or objects falling onto the forklift from elevated spaces in a workplace or construction zone.

Using The Forklift Improperly

This typically involves using the forklift to hoist a worker onto a high platform or transport a person riding on the forks.

Getting Ejected from the Forklift

This could occur when the forklift falls on its side, rolls, or falls from a platform or loading dock. Although OSHA requires forklifts to have armrests, seat belts, grab handles, and roll cages, not all workers use these safety devices, or employers might not provide them.

Poor or Lack of Maintenance

The forklift might not have been inspected and maintained regularly for safety issues, which could lead to accidents and injuries.

Manufacturing Defects

When a forklift malfunctions because of a design flaw or defect, it could put operators and other workers at risk, particularly if it malfunctions while lifting a heavy load.

Talk to Our Experienced NYC Forklift Accident Lawyer Today

Compensation for injuries that occur in any kind of workplace due to a forklift accident could go beyond medical bills to include benefits to reimburse lost earnings, disability benefits, and pain and suffering, among others. When you talk to our NYC forklift accident lawyer, we’ll assess all your damages and recovery options to make sure that you obtain the maximum compensation you’re entitled to under the law.

If you were injured in a forklift accident in NYC as a pedestrian or bystander, we could also review your case to figure out the best legal options for you. Reach out to Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. today to discuss the specific circumstances of your case and compensation options. Please call 212-285-3300 or complete our online form to arrange your free case evaluation with our NYC forklift accident lawyer.

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