Albert Sardella’s Guide to Choosing Personal Injury Attorneys

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We can all agree that personal injury happens every single day in the US. According to statistics, you can find more than fifty thousand PI law films, while the number of independent attorneys is even more significant. Everything depends on where you live, but you can find a wide array […]

Albert Sardella’s Guide to Choosing Personal Injury Attorneys

We can all agree that personal injury happens every single day in the US.

According to statistics, you can find more than fifty thousand PI law films, while the number of independent attorneys is even more significant.

Everything depends on where you live, but you can find a wide array of options that will overwhelm you throughout the process.

If you wish the ensure to succeed, you should choose the best one on the market.

However, it is challenging to understand which one is the best.

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That is why you should stay with us to learn about different factors you should consider before making up your mind.

Let us start from the beginning.

1.Find Someone Who Specialized in Personal Injury

The first consideration you should make is to determine whether a PI is an attorney’s specialty or not. Similarly, as doctors specialize in medicine, the same way, lawyers tend to specialize in legal matters.

Therefore, you do not wish to choose a general attorney to handle this case. Instead, you should find someone with comprehensive knowledge of PI law.

Since attorneys who specialize in this area come with a higher reputation, you will more likely get the compensation you wanted in the first place.

The more cases they had with specific insurance providers, the chances will increase, and you will get someone who will negotiate on your behalf with ease.

2.Experience is Essential

Another essential factor you should consider is experience, mainly because it will quickly help you win the case. Even though several lawyers may have specialized PI cases, they may not have a success rate to help you reach the desired amount.

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The worst thing you can do is to find someone with a few cases in their experience portfolio. Apart from negotiation experience, you should check whether they know how to act in court or trial.

A few statistics have reported that only thirty percent of attorneys involved in jury trials during their first five years. Therefore, if it is inevitable for you to go to court, you should make sure that an attorney knows how to handle every step throughout a process.

3.Will They Represent You Properly?

During a PI case, attorneys must negotiate with insurance companies and their legal teams. Remember that all insurance companies come with experienced legal teams, and their main goal is to reduce or unable the overall compensation you wish to get.

If you wish to prevent it from happening, a PI attorney should aggressively represent you in front of them. On the other hand, if you choose someone without fighting skills, you will not get the amount you want.

As a result, you should consider the commitment level and tenacity before choosing anyone, which is an essential consideration to remember.

For instance, if you wish to find someone with high levels of professionalism, you cannot talk over the phone. Therefore, an in-person interview is essential.

However, if you are suffering from severe injuries, you will not go to an attorney.

Since you must stay inside to undergo treatment, you should ask a lawyer to visit you in the hospital. That is an effective way to ensure professionalism beforehand.


One of the most important aspects of choosing someone is determining the credentials, legal training, and other certifications that allow them to operate in your state.

They require an LLB degree or other legal qualifications. Still, you should think about another credential as well.

Check out whether they have received recognition within their area of expertise.

Apart from credentials, you should check out whether they are members of the association and organization beforehand.

5.Reviews and References

Conducting comprehensive research before making up your mind is essential for determining the best course of action.

Therefore, you should check out online reviews and references, which will provide you with an understanding and help you narrow your search.

The hiring process is not buying things online, but you should still check past customers’ thoughts.

At the same time, if you can obtain first-hand experiences from people in your area, you can use this information to help you make up your mind.

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If you wish to seek compensation for a particular personal injury, you should find someone from your area because each state comes with specific regulations and laws. Therefore, the lawyer needs to have practice in the city you live.

That way, you can ensure a professional comes with an understanding of local regulations and legal framework. As a result, you can rest assured and enjoy an additional convenience, among other things.


Finally, you should understand their fee structure before you hire anyone to represent you. Different firms and lawyers come with specific fee schedules, which is why you should ask a few questions beforehand.

For instance, you should talk with at least three attorneys from your area to compare their fees and how much you will pay them for the process. At the same time, ask for additional costs that may surprise people who do not understand how legal aid works.

Most of them will operate based on contingency, which means you should pay them only after winning the case. Therefore, the amount will be a percentage of the amount you get from an insurance company.

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